MIGUEL NOYA has been filling up the sound spectrum with electronic and digital processed sounds for more than 30 years. Just right after passing through Berklee College of Music and MIT (1978-1981)-where he major in Electronic Music and Computer Music- returned to his natal country Venezuela where he expanded and developed a very active and successful career as a freelance composer and performer, one of his explorations lead him to mix ethnic sources with modern non conventional electronic music.

Beyond his records and live performances in different countries, has intruded many minds in the Dance, Theatre, Films, Television, Visual Arts, New Media and Academics including Simon Bolivar University where he got His Master Degree in Music (2007).

Miguel interest in technology and music drove him to perform Netloops along with Dogon (the band formed with Paul Godwin) the first electronic music concert online in 1996. His plans, projects and music designs had been shown at a planetary scale included in large audiovisual installations at world Fairs In Lisbon 1998, Aichi 2005 and Venice Biennale 1990.

In a clear day Miguel easily could get rid of self imposed limits and play the sounds of living spheres.



Web: miguelnoya.com

Contact: etnoneuro@hotmail.com